Catalina 30 TRBS #2889 "Northern Light"

Adapter for bleeding 5411 diesel fuel system

The rest of the modifications.

Bleeding the 5411 diesel fuel system after replacing one or more fuel filters can take awhile when cranking the engine and relying in the mechanical fuel pump to fill the empty filters.

The adapter is made by silver soldering the end of a 1/2" hose barb to the top of an 8mm x 1.25mm pitch screw. A hole is drilled in the center of the screw. A suitable O-ring is placed on the screw. Some 5411 engines have a finer threaded screw.

The bleeder screw is removed and this adapter is inserted in it's place, hand tight. A hand pump or other means applies suction which draws fuel from the tank through the entire system. Once the bleeder screw is re-inserted, the engine needs only a short amount of cranking to start. Press the decompression lever to make the engine crank faster and to lighten the load on the starter motor. To avoid starter motor overheating and damage, be sure to follow manufacturer's recommendations regarding cranking the engine in short bursts.

After the engine starts, the speed will typically vary for a few minutes until all air is worked out of the injector system.

This is one type of hand pump that is suitable for this purpose. A short length of 1/2" clear hose connects the pump to the adapter.