Catalina 30 TRBS #2889 "Northern Light"

5411 diesel control panel

The rest of the modifications.


This is the well worn old and original 5411 control panel, from behind in the port locker.

The hole was covered and sealed with a small sheet of white Starboard. At this point in time all engine controls (throttle, shift, and electrical panel) have been finally moved to the pedestal.


A new engine panel was designed and built and installed in the NavPod at the pedestal.

The switches are for crank, blower, glow plug, and system monitor (with oil buzzer).

The panel was created with 1/4 inch Starboard and milled for the display.

Behind the engine panel, inside the NavPod, is a self-designed Pedestal Monitor that receives engine data from the systems monitor (at the Nav station) that is transmitted on the Seatalk bus.