Catalina 30 TRBS #2889 "Northern Light"

Bimini frame and solar panels

The rest of the modifications.

The photos that follow reveal how the frame was designed and constructed. Much of my time in this project was spent researching and photographing frames on other boats.

With three Interstate 12V batteries (one group 24 and two group 27) I'm able to run my refrigerator 24/7 as well as not worry about running down the batteries over a long weekend.

This is the prototype frame constructed out of 1/2" electrical conduit and temporarily stuck into the 1" stainless fittings.

Side view of the real frame.

Underside of the solar panel(s) on the upper frame.

Upper frame attachment points.

Another view showing struts down to the stern rail over the transom.

Finished photo showing the installed bimini cover. The radome fits between the panels and, being low profile, doesn't significantly shield the panels from sunlight.