Catalina 30 TRBS #2889 "Northern Light"

Electrical panel

The rest of the modifications.

Above is the original electrical panel (2001) with some additions by the previous owner.

After a few iterations and upgrades, this is the newest version (2016). The center screen is the display for a systems monitor that displays boat data from the GPS (NMEA-0183), Raymarine Seatalk bus from the instruments, tank levels battery voltages, and charge currents, and more. The boat also has it's own Ethernet network, web server, and it's own Wi-Fi access point so I can receive all system data as a web page on my Android smartphone or Android tablet. Why web-based data? The use of web pages and web browsers require no special app or software...getting data out to a web browser simply means formatting and sending an HTML stream from a microprocessor with Ethernet stack.

These items are a self-designed USB charge source for devices like smartphones and tablets, plus a self-designed RGB LED lighting module whose buttons allow selection of different lighting effects under the coves (off, dim red, bright white, and a very low six-color chase. Under the white label is the back of the circuit board with touch-sensitive areas.)

The inside of the hinged panel.