Catalina 30 TRBS #2889 "Northern Light"

LED Nav lights for inflatable dinghy

The rest of the modifications.

This is not exactly a C-30 modification, but is towed behind my C-30. Not wanting to spend cash on the flashlight-type of incadescent portable nav lights for my inflatable dinghy, I constructed bow and stern lamps using superbright red, green, and white LEDs and plumbing parts. They each use a 9V battery.

What a pain it is to try to mount these lights, or anything else, to an inflatable dinghy that doesn't have accommodations for such. My old Mercury PVC inflatable had a small rubber socket on the bow that nicely fit the 1/2" copper pipe; my new Mercury hypalon inflatable has no provisions! It would seem so easy for the manufacturer to build this into their inflatables, but I guess not.

(If you are worried about the exactness of red and green colors, brightness, etc, this project is probably not for you.)